• Justin Sun recently spoke about how blockchain technology can help to reduce global poverty.
• He believes that access to cryptocurrencies and stablecoins can provide people with a way to store value, even if they do not have access to traditional banking services.
• Sun is confident that blockchain technology will become a major part of the global infrastructure, making it easier for everyone to access financial services.

Justin Sun on Blockchain Technology

Justin Sun, executive behind the popular digital asset firm Tron, recently discussed his confidence in blockchain technology’s potential to help reduce global poverty in an interview. He believes that the financial protocols enabled by blockchain will play a key role in keeping global poverty at bay.

Blockchain Accessibility

Sun stated that people outside of the United States often struggle to gain access to U.S dollars, but using USDT on Tron provides them with an opportunity as well as an alternative method for storing value and making payments. Blockchain does not take into account credit history or employment history; all one needs is internet connection and the technology will do the rest.

Contributing Factors To Poverty

Sun believes that lack of financial services has been a major contributor towards poverty in many parts of Africa and other regions around the world; however, he sees blockchain as providing an efficient solution with minimal cost. He predicts this technology will eventually become just as important as standard banks are today and it could make a huge difference for those who cannot get easy access to cash or fiat currencies.

Growth Of His Company

Sun mentioned that his company has been growing rapidly, giving people freedom from traditional banking fees when creating accounts on their platform. Stablecoins have also been seen as having great use cases outside of countries like the U.S., allowing individuals without adequate access to cash or fiat currency options more secure ways of storing their value during transactions.


Overall, Justin Sun provided insight into why he believes blockchain technology can play a key role in reducing global poverty by providing individuals with more accessible financial services than ever before. He believes this technology is destined to become part of our national infrastructure and should be available for everyday use at minimal costs so everyone can benefit from its advantages regardless of where they live or what type of job they may hold