Rise of OKT: Can It Achieve a New High Above $35?

• OKT token has experienced a 23% surge in price over the last 24 hours, taking its current value to $31.58.
• OKT is a decentralized cryptocurrency that operates on the OKEx blockchain and was created to provide fast and efficient transactions.
• The coin’s market cap has been growing steadily, with a circulating supply of 18 million tokens and total market capitalization of $564,288,150.

What is OKT?

OKT is a decentralized cryptocurrency that operates on the OKEx blockchain. It was created to provide a fast and efficient way to make transactions and exchange value without intermediaries. The current supply of OKT is 18 million tokens, with a total market capitalization of $564,288,150.

What Has Been Driving the Price Surge?

OKC investors have seen a significant increase in the value of their holdings in the short term, with the coin’s price experiencing a substantial boost in just the last 24 hours. The coin’s value has steadily appreciated over the past week, suggesting sustained demand from buyers.

OKBChain vs OKExChain

Both OKExChain and OKBChain are separate blockchain projects, and they serve different purposes. OKExChain is more focused on providing a decentralized platform for developers to build and deploy dApps, while OKBChain is more focused on providing business solutions to enterprises—EthereumFair($ETHF) #PeoplePOW (@EthereumFair) February 16th 2023.

Price History

The price of OKT has had a massive fall in recent years after hitting its all-time high in May 2021. Generally, the coin has experienced an overall downward trend since then but seems to be recovering now as investors look for new sources of investment opportunities amidst increasing crypto volatility across markets due to global events like Brexit uncertainty.

< h 2 >Can it Achieve New Highs Above $35? Overall , it looks like there could be potential gains ahead for those investing in or holding onto their OKC (OKT ) tokens . There ’s no telling how far this latest price surge will take it , but given its limited supply , we could see some further upside if investor sentiment remains positive . However , whether or not it can reach new highs above $35 will depend largely upon broader macroeconomic developments as well as other external factors .

Revolutionize Fitness with Fight Out: Get Rewarded with Fitness Coins!

• The global M2E fitness apps market is experiencing a surge in popularity, with the projected value expected to grow at an 18.3% CAGR up to 2030.
• Fight Out stands out as one pioneering innovator looking to solve digital illiteracy, unresolved security issues, data privacy concerns and more.
• Fight Out aims to revolutionize fitness with personal training plans, fitness coin rewards for physical activity and more.

The Global Move-to-Earn Fitness Apps Market

The global move-to-earn (M2E) fitness apps market was valued at $391.7 million in 2021 and is expected to grow at a staggering 18.3% CAGR up to 2030 due to the widespread adoption of smartphones, increasing healthcare spending, rising obesity rates and more athletes using these apps. In addition, machine learning, AI and augmented reality have further fueled the shift towards digital fitness.

Challenges Facing Digital Fitness

Despite the rapid growth of M2E fitness apps, there are still challenges that need addressing such as digital illiteracy, unresolved security issues and concerns over data privacy – all of which were exacerbated by the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic..

Introducing Fight Out

Fight Out is aiming to revolutionize the industry with its Web3 technology powered platform which combines secure blockchain rewards with a dynamic community for a new approach to M2E fitness. The platform offers personal training plans as well as rewards users with “fitness coins” for physical activity – providing motivation for users to maintain their wellness goals from home or even when they can’t make it into the gym due to safety concerns related to COVID-19. The team also has plans in place for 2023 which include launching Web3 powered gyms worldwide and recruiting celebrity ambassadors.

Benefits Of Fight Out

Fight Out brings numerous advantages over traditional gyms including providing accountability through goal setting tools and daily reminders; access to quality content created by experts; gamified elements that engage users; 24/7 customer support; competitive leaderboards; discounts on products/services; cryptocurrency rewards & loyalty points; free trials/discounts on subscription packages; virtual coaching sessions & events; exclusive deals on merchandise & experiences etc.


Fight Out stands out among other move-to-earn platforms thanks its advanced Web3 technology, secure blockchain rewards system and dynamic community features – making it easier than ever before for people around the globe maintain their health & wellness goals from home or even when they can’t make it into the gym due safety concerns associated with COVID-19 pandemic or other barriers such as limited time availability etc

MAGIC Price Soars 56.5%: Can it Reach $3 by Q1 2023?

• Magic (MAGIC) has risen by 56.5% in the past seven days.
• The Treasure decentralized video gaming console is powered by MAGIC and it serves as a utility token used for market transactions and providing control over various activities.
• There is an increasing market activity for the token, with a 14.65% increase in trading volume totaling $205,679,730; if this trend continues, Magic (MAGIC) could hit $3 by the end of Q1 2023.

Introduction to MAGIC

Magic (MAGIC) is a native token of the Treasure Metaverse, a decentralized ecosystem for metaverse projects that utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This unique token serves multiple purposes in the ecosystem, making it the only token used for market transactions and providing control over various activities. By using MAGIC, the Treasure Metaverse offers a streamlined and efficient means of participating in the metaverse economy.

Overview of Treasure & MAGIC

The Treasure decentralized video gaming console unites games and communities through bottom-up driven IP and infrastructure, all powered by $MAGIC, its utility token. As a fair launch token, $MAGIC drives the essential infrastructure and operates as a reserve asset across partner game cartridges. The more $MAGIC is placed in staking or LP positions, the less available tokens remain, creating a virtuous circle for both $MAGIC and real treasures within the ecosystem. Treasure aims to become the hub of decentralization in the NFT ecosystem over time. The DAO will begin by creating decentralized alternatives to existing NFT products and use the revenue to launch new projects and support ongoing ones. MAGIC functions as a flywheel that enables development of crypto-economic primitives that can serve as “real-world” economic assets; thus boosting decentralization in metaverses around world.

Recent Market Activity

In the last 24 hours, price of Magic (MAGIC) has increased by 4.3%, trading at $1.98 at press time with 24 hour trading volume totaling up to $210 million dollars . With circulating supply being 210 million tokens , market capitalization stands at$412 million . The last 24 hours have seen surge activity for Magic(MAGIK ) , with 14 % increase n trading volume totalling up to 205 million dollars .

Price Forecast

With upward move , MAGIK can hit 3$ by end of first quarter given increasing market activity . Tokens can be traded on centralized and decentralized exchanges like Binance which is most popular one among them .


Magic (MAGIK ) shows potential growth given current trends , however investors should do their own due diligence before investing .

Launch DJED: The Next Generation Stablecoin With Unparalleled Security

• Cardano and COTI are partnering to develop DJED, a new age stablecoin that will be deployed on the mainnet for investors.
• DJED uses overcollateralization as a technique of providing stability to its currency.
• Overcollateralization of DJED stands at 400-800%, which is higher than other fiat currencies used in stablecoins.

DJED – A New-Age Stablecoin

Cardano and COTI have been collaborating for the past year towards the development of DJED, an innovative stablecoin. Once the mainnet syncing is complete (a 14-day process), it would be available to investors to purchase using ADA or SHEN tokens.

The Volatility Problem In The Crypto Space

Stablecoins seek to solve the volatility issue plaguing crypto ever since its inception by pegging an asset to an inherently stable one like USD. Terra Luna crash caused many investors to steer clear off these assets as it was pegged to Luna, making USDT unstable just like LUNA.

How Does DJED Work?

DJED utilizes overcollateralization as a technique of providing stability to its currency. It has an over-collateralization ratio of 400-800%. This means that for every DJED, the team will have collateralized assets worth more than what is needed for stabilizing it from market volatility.

Cardano’s Recovery After The FTX Crash

Cardano has shown immense recovery after FTX crash pushed ADA below $0.30 mark, demonstrating its dedication towards promoting innovative projects such as this one.


DJED could be one of the most innovative and secure stablecoins in the market if all goes according to plan with its launch on 1st February 2023 on Cardano’s mainnet.